Ⓐ From Tokyo Station to Atami Station

   (No Transfer needed if you use JR line)

Fastest Way : 

JR Shinkansen(Bullet Train)

   -2 types of train : Hikari & Kodama 

         Hikari : Approx. 40 mins.   

             Kodama : Approx. 50 mins.

Budget Way :

  JR Tokaido Line-2 types of train : Acty(rapid) & Local

        Acty: Approx. 1 hr 40mins.   

               Local: less than 2 hrs.


Ⓑ From Shinjyuku Station to Atami Station

   Take JR Yamanote or Chuuoh Line to Tokyo Station      & follow DirectionⒶ.  Takes about 2 hrs.


 Budget Way:

   Take Odakyu Line to Odawara station.             

   Transfer to JR Tokaido line to Atami Station.     

   Takes about 2hrs15mins.


Ⓒ From Haneda Int. Airport

   Take Keihin Express line to Yokohama Station.     

   Transfer to JR Tokaido Line either Acty(rapid train) or

   Local train. Takes about 2 hrs. 15mins. or less


From Atami Station to "izuna"

  Walk : Approx. 25 mins. (DO NOT trust Google Maps. We recommend using our access map uploaded below along with Google Map to navigate you to our property. Google Maps often suggest you taking steep mountainous roads as a shortest route which makes you sweat & have a hard time finding us. If you use Google Maps, enter our name to find our location and take the route with Route 135 by the ocean.)

**NOTE**Due to the landslides in the area last July, the route we illustrate on the 

          access map below is the only way to reach our hotel until further notice. 

Taxi Cab : Approx.5 mins  (depends on the traffic)

      Some taxi drivers don't know where we are. Show them the access map below if you can. We will email you

      the map if you contact us via email. (Click on "CONTACT US" tab.)

Bus : **See the revised time table below if you take a bus from train station. 

      The bus leaves from Atami bus terminal #4 & 5.

      Get off at Aizome-bashi bus stop which will be the 4th stop for the Bus# A47,48,51&52 and the 17th stop          for the Bus# A49 from the terminal.


      Follow the access map below to reach our place from the bus stop. 

*Notice for those who walk to our property.

If you use Google Maps, they often shows you a hillside route as the shortest access which leads you to rough & steep mountainous roads(This roads are temporarily closed). Please do not take that route. We'd recommend to all the guests to take an oceanside route along Route 135 which is the easiest road to walk. 

Complimentary Pickup Service

We offer a complimentary pickup service from JR Atami Station. The service is available only from 16:30 to 22:00 and not available on days of events like a fireworks festival. A 24-hour advance reservation is required to arrange the pickup time. 

***Our complimentary pickup service has been suspended under COVID-19 pandemic. We would apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.